onsdag 18 januari 2012

lördag 24 september 2011

It's finallly here!!!!

Yay, I've been waiting all summer long for this moment and now it's here.


Now I just have to wait for the Season 6 Dvd to be released in Sweden and I'll be the proud owner of Supernatural Season 1-6 :)

Emmys 2011

Now I know I'm a week late with this but I'm currently in Sweden which means the Emmys aired in the middle of the night on a channel I don't have. Luckily, my dad has it and was able to record the telecast for me. I watch it recently and here's what I thought:

First off, the host. Jane Lynch is one of my favorite comedians so I was excited to see how she'd do. I liked the opening number, it was a traditional way of opening the show with her being blended in with actors in their character personas and in the show setting. I approve. After that I thought she was rather invisible. The monologue was short but had it's moments. The finger pistols was a favorite. Her best joke was definetely the one with the cast of Entourage.

I might be alone in this but I did enjoy the EmmyTones, and especially llcooljs little interruption.

Now for the winners and losers. I love that Jim Parsons won for his work on Big Bang theory. I love him as Sheldon and he is fantastic every episode so definetely glad that he won. But to be honest I would have been happy if anyone but Alec Baldwin won, I'm sorry but when he was on his winning streak I got so sick of him, so I'm glad that's over.
Other than that I wasn't really rooting for anyone but Julie Bowens win was great since I've liked her since her time on Ed. Kyle Chandler winning was also a great moment, I have yet to seen the whole fifth season of Friday Night Lights since I went back to Sweden before all episodes had aired, but if he was a good as he always was then I'm sure he deserved it.
And why oh why does Mad men have to win again, I don't understand the appeal of this show and I would think the other contenders deserved it more.

My favorite part of the whole telecast was definetely the best actress in a comedy series bit. As soon as Amy Poehler hit the stage I was delighted. The whole bit was amazing and ending perfecly with Melissa McCarthy's win. The woman is hilarious.

The worst part, definetly Charlie Sheen's fake ass well wishes to Two and a half men. He had clearly been fed a line and there was no sincerity in it what so ever. He's publiscist probable figured out that people are sick of his antics and told him to be a good little boy at the Emmys. I'm so sick of hearing about this.

Also, why does Emmy hate Craig Ferguson. There is just no love for this brilliant man. I mean his inclusion in the variety/reality segment was so short and barely noticeable and definetly not the right pick of clip. Couldn't they at least showed a little more of his work....

Oh, and I don't know how I missed that the Jack Sparrow song that everyone is playing here in Sweden is actually made by an Snl group led by none other than Andy Samberg, I never heard of them while in the US but apparently they're big in Sweden.

Well, that's all I have to say for this year's Emmys, my overall grade would probably be a B+/A-.

måndag 21 februari 2011

lördag 30 oktober 2010

Top 5 Tv shows (still on air)

First list of my favorite tv shows. These are the top 5 that are still airing new episodes:

2. Leverage
3. Supernatural
4. Big Bang Theory
5. Bones

It doesn't look that much different from my all time favorite tv shows...all you have to do is add Friends to the top and bump of Bones...sorry Bones, but Friends is the best of the best and if included there's just no room for you...

Hardison's violin solo

I think this has to be my favorite Leverage moment ever!



måndag 24 maj 2010

Bittersweet ending

Lost is over. I'm sad that I won't be able to watch this show anymore but I have to say the ending was perfect. I loved the whole sideways being an afterlife. I love how they explained that everyone had died but at different times, some sooner that others. I cried through all the heartfelt reunions in the afterlife.

I'm also happy that there are survivors. Because yes, everyone dies at some point. But from what Hurley says, him and Ben take care of the island for a long time. It seemed like Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Lapidus, and Richard got off the island and had lifes in the real world before they died. Kate's comment about having missed Jack suggest that she lived for quite some time after they separated at the end.

I loved this show from beginning to end and I'll be buying the seasons on DVD so I can rewatched all this again.

And today while watching I realized that Sun and Jin were my favorite characters. I love their love.

Aloha to Lost...I'll never get lost again!!!