lördag 30 oktober 2010

Top 5 Tv shows (still on air)

First list of my favorite tv shows. These are the top 5 that are still airing new episodes:

2. Leverage
3. Supernatural
4. Big Bang Theory
5. Bones

It doesn't look that much different from my all time favorite tv shows...all you have to do is add Friends to the top and bump of Bones...sorry Bones, but Friends is the best of the best and if included there's just no room for you...

Hardison's violin solo

I think this has to be my favorite Leverage moment ever!



måndag 24 maj 2010

Bittersweet ending

Lost is over. I'm sad that I won't be able to watch this show anymore but I have to say the ending was perfect. I loved the whole sideways being an afterlife. I love how they explained that everyone had died but at different times, some sooner that others. I cried through all the heartfelt reunions in the afterlife.

I'm also happy that there are survivors. Because yes, everyone dies at some point. But from what Hurley says, him and Ben take care of the island for a long time. It seemed like Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Lapidus, and Richard got off the island and had lifes in the real world before they died. Kate's comment about having missed Jack suggest that she lived for quite some time after they separated at the end.

I loved this show from beginning to end and I'll be buying the seasons on DVD so I can rewatched all this again.

And today while watching I realized that Sun and Jin were my favorite characters. I love their love.

Aloha to Lost...I'll never get lost again!!!

lördag 22 maj 2010

It's not suppose to be real!

This season's finale of Grey's Anatomy was the best episode of the show I've ever seen. This is a show that makes me cry almost everytime I watched it, but this one. This one was intense. Tears were streaming non stop and my mouth was half open must of the time. From the first shot that was fired to the last, I couldn't move my eyes from the screen, and every commercial seemed to come around within seconds. Luckily, I was watching the episode on ABCs on line episode player meaning the commercials were only 30 seconds long but those 30 seconds was torture because I needed to see what happened next. It was an incredibly well-written episode and the performances of the all the actors was incredible. Especially Chandra Wilson, and Mandy Moore was great as the patient who suddenly has to play nurse.

Usually, when I've watched an episode I check out the recap on Tvguide and I read what other people thought about the episode. I don't really know why I do it but someone I find that interesting. There was mixed feelings about the episode in the comments. Some loved it, some hated it. But what I get hung up on is how other people get hung up on little details. Who cares if the SWAT team was stupid, if there is no way for a shooter to be walking around the hospital like that, who cares how he learned how to shoot. These are only meaningless details and I think people need to look beyond that. This is magical TV land, in magical TV land certain things can't be explained, they can't make everything realistic because it's not suppose to be real. It isn't real. It's suppose to entertain us, it's suppose to make us laugh, it's suppose to make us cry, and it's suppose to shock us. You're never going to be able to enjoy any TV show if you care about these details. Instead, focus on what is happening. A shooter is loose, everyone is a sitting duck. It's intense, it's scary, it's absolutely shocking, and it is TV at it's best.

Cudos to Shondra Rhimes!!!

lördag 8 maj 2010

I'd like to order more Scott Grimes, please!

I'm starting a movement!

Well, I don't really know how to start a movement but I guess this post will have to do. I want Scott Grimes back on TV. He must be the most underrated actor on this planet. I don't know quite how to describe his talent, but I think the work he has done will be a sufficient representation.

I first discovered Scott Grimes when he appeared on ER and I was probably one of the few people who liked him from the start. Because, even though his character, Archie Morris, started off as an annoying, incompetent, and sad excuse for a doctor I somehow took a liking to him. For one simple reason and that is the brilliance of Mr. Scott Grimes. Here's a guy who takes on a role and is given crappy material (sorry ER gods, but it's true) and somehow manages to transform an insignificant filler character to a man who becomes the heart of the show. No matter how much you want to you can't credit the writers for that. Sure, they improved the material and gave the character more dept (in fact, Archie Morris was probably the character that evolved the most in the series long 15 year run) but if it hadn't been for Scott Grimes' devotion to the character it wouldn't have worked. His acting skills made us believe that his character could make a complete 180 in personality and when many stars left prior to the last season he stepped up to the plate with ease and carried the show to its graceful exit. That's one great actor!

Now let's discuss what is probably his greatest role yet. Donald Malarkey on HBO's miniseries Band of Brothers. Nevermind that it's the best representation of WWII events that has ever been made to date, Scott Grimes' part in it is breath-taking. His character is one of the few who's in it from start to finish, appearing in all 10 episodes. Although, never the focus of an episode, he's a real scene stealer. The character in himself is a really interesting person (I have long been wanting to read the autobiography of Donald Malarkey) but he would be nothing without the performance of Scott Grimes. Again, I have to reiterate how much his acting skills contribute to this character. I'd also like to ask you to not take this as a belittlement of the character, because like I said he is one of the more interesting characters. I'm simple saying that his role in the series might have gone unnoticed had it not been for the strong performance given by Scott Grimes. Again, that's one great actor!

Seeing Scott Grimes in these two roles promted me to seek out his other roles. I've seen a few episodes of Party of Five where he appears. I was surprised to hear that he was in this show since it's one that I was devoted to as a pre teen. I never really noticed him, but I guess he didn't really come in to his own until Band of Brothers and ER. A role I do remember seeing him in was in the movie Mystery, Alaska, but I believe I saw that after I found him on ER. Now, it has been a while since I saw the movie but I have vague images of him in the locker room in his hockey gear and out on the ice. I have the movie at home and will have to rewatch it. I'm pretty sure he's not the guy who gets hit in the crotch with a hockey puck ( I believe that's a scene from the movie but I might be thinking of another one, correct me if I'm wrong). I believe those are the roles I've seen him in but I'm planning on seeing more of the old stuff. I would especially love to see Critters, it would be interesting to see little Scotty Grimes at the start of his career.

I've never really watch American Dad but I know he does one of the voices. But I also know that it's distorted and I prefer to hear his real voice. Especially when he's singing, Because let's not forget that not only is he an amazing actor, he's also a talented musician with one of the best voices I've heard in my lifetime (I just heard his new song "What love is" today and I love it). In fact, he might be my favorite male singer of all male singers. Him or Josh Groban, I can't decide. They're both so very talented.

So this is my official demand for more Scott Grimes. I can't wait to see him in Robin Hood (a movie I've been looking forward to see since I heard I was in it) and I would love to see a live performance of his music. But that's not enough. I want more. It might be greedy but I just want the world to see what I see: A truly talented actor who can make magic happen with any role that's given to him.

Long Live Scott Grimes!!!

fredag 7 maj 2010

Tom Welling

Now, this will be a very short post but I just finished watching tonights episode of Smallville and I can't get over how incredible hot Tom Welling is. That man gets hotter and hotter every time I see him. He's a God!!!!!

What's wrong with crying?

I recently posted a comment on tvguide.com (which I do from time to time) regarding (spoiler alert, don't keep reading if you haven't seen the latest episode of Lost) the recent death of Sun and Jin on Lost.

I stated that the moment made me cry along with many other moments on Lost. I was a bit surprised when I saw a comment that followed. It said, and I quote:
"Are you serious about crying? It's a make believe TV show!"

This just got me thinking about the fact that I tend to cry a lot when I'm watching movies and TV. I responded on TV guide and I would like to elaborate on the topic here.

I cry a lot. Like I stated in my comment, I'm aware that it's all make believe. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't spark some sort of emotion. To me, that's what TV seeks out to do. They want to reach the viewers and generate some sort of emotional response. Whether it be laughing, screaming, crying, or rejoicing; it's all part of the TV experience. What would be the point of watching TV if it doesn't affect you in some way.

I say, cry your heart out!!!

Welcome to my lair!!

Hello readers!!!

I would like to officially welcome you to my cave of wonderment. I have long contemplated my desire of becoming a writer. Since I have chosen a completely different field for my college education I decided that the best way to address my passion for writing was to start a blog. When it came to the decision of what it should be about I had no trouble arriving at what is one of my favorite subjects in the world. Television. I love watching TV, and I have many thoughts about different TV shows and TV personalities and I can't think of a better topic for this blog.

I'll be making comments on what my favorite TV shows are, my favorite actors, I'll be recaping some of my favorite television events. Really, whatever I find interesting in the world of television I will share with you. I might post links to videos I believe you should see and much much more.

I hope you all will enjoy this blog and find what I have to say interesting. I know that I'm just one voice in the midst of numerous other devoted TV fans but I think, and I hope, that I might have some unique thoughts to contribute.



P.S. If you would like to have updates on the blog and my life in general if that should interest you than you are welcomed to follow me on twitter where my username is Beckybam.