lördag 22 maj 2010

It's not suppose to be real!

This season's finale of Grey's Anatomy was the best episode of the show I've ever seen. This is a show that makes me cry almost everytime I watched it, but this one. This one was intense. Tears were streaming non stop and my mouth was half open must of the time. From the first shot that was fired to the last, I couldn't move my eyes from the screen, and every commercial seemed to come around within seconds. Luckily, I was watching the episode on ABCs on line episode player meaning the commercials were only 30 seconds long but those 30 seconds was torture because I needed to see what happened next. It was an incredibly well-written episode and the performances of the all the actors was incredible. Especially Chandra Wilson, and Mandy Moore was great as the patient who suddenly has to play nurse.

Usually, when I've watched an episode I check out the recap on Tvguide and I read what other people thought about the episode. I don't really know why I do it but someone I find that interesting. There was mixed feelings about the episode in the comments. Some loved it, some hated it. But what I get hung up on is how other people get hung up on little details. Who cares if the SWAT team was stupid, if there is no way for a shooter to be walking around the hospital like that, who cares how he learned how to shoot. These are only meaningless details and I think people need to look beyond that. This is magical TV land, in magical TV land certain things can't be explained, they can't make everything realistic because it's not suppose to be real. It isn't real. It's suppose to entertain us, it's suppose to make us laugh, it's suppose to make us cry, and it's suppose to shock us. You're never going to be able to enjoy any TV show if you care about these details. Instead, focus on what is happening. A shooter is loose, everyone is a sitting duck. It's intense, it's scary, it's absolutely shocking, and it is TV at it's best.

Cudos to Shondra Rhimes!!!

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